Lapis Lazuli French Blue Shade

Lapis Lazuli French Blue Shade


Lapis Lazuli Ultramarine French Blue Pigment is made of 100% Natural Gemstone Lapis Lazuli ethically Sourced from Afghanistan.

  • Ready to use , No further grinding is required.
  • De Mairo ultramarine Pigment is a mineral inorganic pigment that is obtained from the Precious Gemstone Lapis Lazuli ethically Sourced from Afghanistan.
  • In its making, no chemical is used,it mixes and absorbs very well for whatever painting technique. A pure delight for oil painters, Icon painters, miniaturists, water colour, tempera artists, mural painters and Chinese ink artists.

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The Exceptional and Glorious History of the use of Ultramarine Lapis Lazuli Pigment Ultramarine Lapis is the one of the oldest artists’ pigment that is cherished and sought in present times too. It is a historic pigment having been found in Egyptian tomb Paintings, the first noted and recorded application of Lapis Lazuli as a pigment was in the cave paintings in 6th and 7th century AD in Afghanistan and Buddhist temples near the Lapis mine of Badakhshan,  Lapis Lazuli Pigment is also used in Chinese Paintings and in Japan for Ukiyo-e Printmaking, Mughal Miniatures around 10th to 12th Century AD then we come to the glorious era of Medieval and Renaissance Painting. Giotto’s Frescoes and Panel Painting both done with realistic touch made use of natural lapis lapis lazuli pigment. We have other great Italian artists like Duccio, Masaccio, Angelico, Uceello, Lippi, Botticelli etc all using lapis lazuli pigment to make their works of art not only classic masterpieces but also unmatched in their aesthetic appeal and religious value .The Renaissance in Europe dawns with great artists of the 16th Century like Leonardo Da Vinci , Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian.

  • We ensure that our natural Lapis Lazuli Pigment has the colour strength, vibrancy and high quality that we claim. The Natural De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Ultramarine has a high stability to light and its intense blue colour does not change with time.
  • Whatever Painting technique you choose, our Pigment will give depth and radiance to your work, enhancing its aesthetic and monetary value . All our shades of blue have the brilliance and outstanding beauty of the Old Masters pigment. 
  • Because this is 100% Natural, there is variation in shades of Ultramarine Blue, so we  pack Separately shade wise, We have Ultramarine Blue , French Blue, Prussian Blue , Phthalo Blue and also Ultramarine Indigo blue Shade. 
  • De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Pigment can be used with any medium of your choice for Oil Painting. You can paint wet on wet, Layered ( apply a layer once previous is dried)  Ideally Suited for glaze ( you can work with very thin transparent layers)
  • Blending: It can be blended with other colours, it imparts luminosity to every colour it is blended with . 
  • Watercolour Artist can use De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Pigment with liquid Gum arabic and then add water for thinning. Watercolour made with Lapis Lazuli Pigment yields smooth brush strokes and can be mixed with any other colour.It has a flow and transparency. 
  • Egg Tempera artists can use it with Egg Yolk as a binder.

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