Red Jasper Burnt Sienna Shade

Red Jasper Burnt Sienna Shade


Burnt Sienna Sienna Shade is made of Red Jasper gemstones, this stone is used in Jewelry and decorative items.It is non-toxic, cadmium-free Handmade Pigment with genuine Red Jasper by De Mairo Pigment

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Red Jasper Pigment is made with 100 % Natural Gemstone Jasper from Madagascar, Africa.  It is Ready to use Pigment with Linseed Oil, Gum Arabic or with Egg York for Egg Tempera Artists. 

Ready to use, mixes well with other Colors and all Mediums.

It is Handmade, Contains no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or dyes.

It has the colour strength, vibrancy and stability to light, intense Burnt Sienna colour shade does not change with time.

Whatever Painting technique you choose our Pigment will give depth and radiance to your work.

We have three Shades Burnt Sienna extracted from Red Jasper, Ocre shade made from Yellow Jasper and Sap Green Shade made from Green Jasper.

It can be used with any medium of your choice for Oil Painting. You can paint wet on wet Layered.

Suited for glaze ( you can work with very thin transparent layers).

Watercolour artists can use liquid Gum Arabic, It has a flow and transparency.

Egg Tempera artists can use it with Egg Yolk as a binder.

A pure delight for oil painters, Icon painters, miniaturists, watercolour artists, tempera artists, mural painters and Chinese ink artists.


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