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Lapis Lazuli and Jasper Pigments for Painting ( 10 gram each Pigment Jar)

Lapis Lazuli and Jasper Pigments for Painting ( 10 gram each Pigment Jar)

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Gemstone pigments, also known as mineral pigments, are finely ground minerals that can be used to create artists colors. These pigments can be made from a variety of minerals, including lapis lazuli, malachite, and hematite. Gemstone pigments are prized by artists for their vibrant colors and ability to produce strong, lightfast hues. They can be used in a variety of media, including oil paint, watercolor, and pastels.

There are a few different ways to use gemstone pigments in art. One option is to mix them with a binder, such as oil or water, to create paint. They can also be mixed with other artists colors to create custom shades. Some artists prefer to use gemstone pigments in their raw form, applying them directly to the canvas or paper with a wet brush or palette knife.

It is important to note that gemstone pigments can be expensive and may require special care when handling and storing. They are also not always available in a wide range of colors, so you may need to mix them with other pigments to achieve the desired hue.

Brilliant blue pigment is obtained from lapis lazuli, a gemstone found in Afghanistan. Red pigment is extracted from red jasper, and the yellow pigment is derived from yellow jasper. These pigments are made from 100% natural, premium-grade gemstones.

Using these pure crystals and minerals in painting can provide a range of benefits, including transparency, high chromatic value, consistency, vibrancy, permanence, lightfastness, and resistance to climatic changes. These qualities make gemstone pigments highly prized by artists for their ability to produce vibrant, long-lasting colors.

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