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Lapis lazuli Handmade Oil Paints Pure Fra Angelico Blue

Lapis lazuli Handmade Oil Paints Pure Fra Angelico Blue

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Our handmade Oil paints made with genuine premium Afghan lapis lazuli pigment are known for their unique and exceptional qualities. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that has been used as a pigment for centuries by old masters and celebrated artists and is prized for its rich brilliant blue color. We use high quality medium such as linseed oil to make our lapis oil paints which have these valuable characteristics. Rich Brilliant Blue Color: Our lapis oil paint has an intense and vibrant blue color. It produces a deep, captivating hue that is hard to replicate with synthetic pigments.

Lightfastness: Lapis lazuli oil paint is highly lightfast, meaning it resists fading or discoloration when exposed to light over time. This quality makes it ideal for creating artworks that are long-lasting.

Transparency: Lapis lazuli oil paint can be quite transparent, allowing artists to build up layers of color and create glazing effects. This transparency adds depth and luminosity to the painting.

Crystalline structure: Lapis lazuli pigment has a characteristic crystalline structure, which means that the particles of the pigment in the paint reflect light like a gem on the canvas, creating an amazing interplay of light that adds depth and interest to the artwork.

Versatility: Lapis lazuli oil paint can be used in various techniques, from thin glazes to impasto (thickly applied paint), allowing artists to achieve a wide range of effects.

Historical Significance: Using lapis lazuli in oil paint connects artists to a long history of artmaking. It was loved by the Old Masters and is still valued for its tradition and historical importance.

Unique Visual Qualities: The distinctive characteristics of lapis lazuli pigment oil paints create paintings with a unique visual impact, making artworks created with this pigment stand out from those using more common blues.

Value Addition: Using lapis paint made with a gemstone pigment adds monetary value to the painting.

Mixing: While lapis lazuli oil paint can be used on its own, it can also be mixed with other pigments or paints to create a wide range of colors.

The unique qualities of lapis lazuli pigment paint make it a cherished and sought-after choice for artists looking to create exceptional blue hues in their oil paintings.

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