Muhammad Irfan

Founder of De Mairo

Since my childhood, the allure of the color blue has captivated me. I vividly recall my first encounter with the enchanting Lapis Lazuli stone at the tender age of 4. Its rich blue hues, specks of Pyrite, and the exquisite pattern of calcite transformed that rock into a piece of the universe. From that moment on, I became an avid collector of rocks, appreciating their intrinsic beauty without fully grasping their value.

After completing my education, I turned my passion into a business, establishing a small factory named De Mairo in Pakistan. Specializing in creating tiles, Mosaic for Swimming pools and other architectural products from Lapis Lazuli, our creations have adorned luxurious homes, hotels, and palaces.

While working with Lapis Lazuli, I discovered the fascinating world of Lapis Lazuli Pigment in 2004. Intrigued by its history in art, I embarked on a five-year journey to master the extraction of Lazurite, a crucial mineral within Lapis Lazuli. Supplying to renowned art material companies worldwide, I earned acclaim for the quality of my Lazurite extraction skills.

In 2014, I relocated to Canada, where I established a small workshop in my garage dedicated to crafting Lapis Lazuli Pigments. When the challenges of the Covid era arose, I made the decision to focus entirely on Lapis Lazuli Pigment, channeling all my time and energy into refining and enhancing the product.

My clients, largely comprised of artists using the pigment for watercolors and oil paints, spurred demand for smaller quantities, prompting me to offer Lapis Lazuli Pigment in small jars online.

Throughout this journey, my motivation has been fueled by the unwavering support of artists, with a special acknowledgment to the late Joan Cornish Willies, a true inspiration and miniature artist from Florida, USA.

It is an honor that renowned artists from various mediums have been using our pigments for the past two decades. The journey toward excellence continues, and my daughters, Maira Irfan and Amina Irfan, share my passion for carrying this business forward.

As artists, we recognize the significance of providing fellow creators with the optimal blue hue for their work. Our commitment stems from the understanding that the color and vibrancy applied to the canvas are paramount. If a product does not meet our standards for personal use, it does not meet the criteria for our customers. Our aim is to offer you a truly magical palette, enhancing the value and beauty of your paintings.

I am driven by the belief that this beautiful pigment, cherished by old masters for centuries, should be accessible to every artist worldwide. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported and motivated me over the years.

Looking ahead, my next goal is to make this exquisite pigment available in every art store around the world, ensuring that its legacy continues for generations to come.