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De Mairo Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer and exporter of gemstone products. We have been producing gemstone pigments and powders since 1998 and are known for our lapis lazuli tiles and crafts. We are also the distributor of 100% ultramarine pigment to major art material companies worldwide. Our premium, 100% natural lapis lazuli pigment is made from the highest quality and grade of genuine lapis lazuli.

Our natural lapis lazuli ultramarine is a highly prized pigment for artists, similar to the pigment used by the famous medieval and renaissance painters to create their treasured masterpieces. Our vivid, royal blue lapis lazuli pigment has all the brilliance and beauty of the old master's pigment, and is lightfast, non bleeding, and imparts an unchanging durability to paintings.

Extracting pigment from lapis lazuli is a laborious and costly process, but our dedicated team works diligently to provide you with the highest quality pigment. At De Mairo, we value our relationship with artists and are committed to maintaining the consistent quality of our pigments. We also constantly strive for product development, improvement, and innovation. Our pigments can be used in various painting techniques, including oil, egg tempera, and water-colour, and will add depth and radiance to your artwork, enhancing its value. Whether you are an amateur, novice, or experienced painter, our pigments are suitable for use.